Candle Holder - Zenith XS - Gold - Zenza

Pros and cons

  • Brass is timelessly beautiful
  • Nice to combine with other candle holders
  • Easy to maintain
  • Make sure that the candle fits well in the opening
  • If necessary, "glue" the candle with a few drops of melted candle wax
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Product number1220
Minimum sold per2
CategoryCandle Holders
ModelZenith XS
Aantal kaarsen1
Old Zenza productnameZenith Candle Holder Gold XS
Dimensions and weight
DimensionØ 7 x 11 cm high
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Candle Lights
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Candle Holders
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Simple sturdy copper candle holders, they go well with any home design!

They also fit beautifully in a group of various other wax holders.

And of course indispensable on a covered table, where they occupy little space and still add a nice accent to the evening.


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