Coffee Table - Zeliges - White - Zenza

Pros and cons

  • Each table is a unique piece of handicraft
  • Easy to keep clean
  • Scratch and heat resistant
  • Heavy weight
  • Slightly irregular surface is possible because each piece of tile is done by hand
Coming soon: 15 Jun 2021
2 Models:
BlackWhite keyboard_arrow_down
Coming soon: 15 Jun 2021

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Product number1379
CategoryCoffee Tables
MaterialIron met geglazuurde cementtegels
HS code7616
Old Zenza productnameZeliges Table Oblong Butter
Dimensions and weight
Dimension116 x 60 x 37 cm high
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All Furniture
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Our Zeliges tables are made in a very special way.

First of all, clay from the surroundings of Fez (Morocco) is used to form beautiful strong tiles. They are baked and glazed. Subsequently, these tiles are chopped into smaller shapes by hand with a hammer and a chisel.

A beautiful mosaic is then laid for our tables.

Of course, to be completely “Zenzational”, golden tiles are also used.

A timeless eyecatcher!

Variants of Model Zeliges

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