Kitchen Textiles - Placemats - Splash - Set 4 - Off White / Zilver - Zenza

Pros and cons

  • Neutral in color
  • 100% cotton
  • Washable
  • Must be ironed
Delivery in 5 - 7 days

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Delivery timeDelivery in 5 - 7 days
Product number1280
CategoryKitchen Textiles
Material100% cotton
ColorOff White / Silver
StyleOff White / Silver
ModelPlacemats - Splash - Set 4
ColorOff White / Zilver
Dimensions35 x 50 cm
HS code63041910
Material100% katoen
ModelPlacemats - Splash - Set 4
Old Zenza productnamePlacemats Silver Splash
Dimensions and weight
Dimension35 x 50 cm
Also found under
Kitchen Textiles
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What is a good start to a beautifully set table?

The use of real table linen of course!

Zenza has beautiful placemats and matching napkins made of pure cotton.

Printed with a contemporary motif.

To further decorate your table into a success, do you of course take a look at our tableware?

Beautiful bowls, plates and glasses, everything is coordinated at Zenza.

Enjoy your meal, the eye will certainly enjoy!

Great to combine with our napkins.

Price per set of 4


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