Kitchenware - Chopping Board Oblong - Wit - Zenza

Pros and cons
  • Natural material
  • Each marbled pattern is unique and made with food safe paint.
  • Decorative leather loop for hanging the board.
  • Less suitable for cutting up food with a sharp knife.
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Delivery timeDelivery in 5 - 7 days
Product number893
Minimum sold per2
HS code4420101190
ModelSnijplank Oblong
Old Zenza productnameServing Board Wood Oblong White
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These mango wood planks are decorated with a marble technique, so that all patterns have a beautiful organic shape.

Each plank is dipped by hand into a bath, where different colors of paint are mixed together.

The finish with a food-safe varnish provides years of fun.

Serve a cheese board has never been so beautiful!


Atmospheric photos
Kitchenware - Chopping Board Oblong - Wit - Zenza

Wholesale of home accessories

Home accessories are the finishing touches of an interior and express your individual taste.
There are many smaller and larger products that  can make your customer happy  and provide you with the right amount of variation in your product offer in your store.
Zenza’s wholesale is for over 26 years specializing in that field!

What is the background to Zenza's style?

We design many of our products ourselves, in collaboration with artisans in Egypt, Morocco and India.
Handicraft is central, it gives so much "soul" to an object.
The craftsmen receive a fair salary and work under safe conditions.
Our designs are often based on existing old craft, but also refined in a more modern way.
We want to make products that build on traditions, but that are translated to the interiors and needs of today.

How do you describe Zenza’s style and taste?

Words such as ethnic chic, Ibiza style and bohemian are often used.
But what are words?
You just have to see and feel our atmosphere and then it clicks!
First of all, Zenza  responds to the enormous need of the consumer to surround themselves with greenery.
Plants have never been more present in interiors than in recent times.
Our need for nature around us is also expressed in the home.
Zenza has therefore made beautiful sets of baskets that can serve as a plant pot.
Because they are handmade of seagrass, which is also a beautiful natural material, this gives just the right atmosphere for plant lovers.
The hanging bird cages are also wonderful to use for a plant, because precisely because they are suspended from the ceiling, you create differences in height in the decoration of your home or shop.
For the table setting we have also thought of greenery and flowers.
We designed beautiful small glass vases, which can be filled with water for fresh flowers.
But they can also, with the supplied metal top, be used as a candlestick!
Multifunctional, very popular to use in a few sizes together for a beautiful still life.
The design is timeless and suits many interiors.
The metal vases in our collection are shaped to fit beautifully into the design language that is currently loved so much.
Lots of robust curves (still talking about vases ;)) and funny “ears” give a very decorative effect.
These vases are suitable for dried flowers, grasses and dry branches.
For the decoration of the wall, our wholesale offers beautiful handmade baskets, both from Morocco and South Africa.
That’s so wonderful, all styles and flavours that Zenza offers, do together form a beautiful coherent whole.
We always think in terms of collections, cohesion and look for products with a soul.
Handmade objects have those characteristics and make you really love what you've added to your home.


How do I make my dining table as attractive as possible?
We all know that feeling when  guests are invited for  a special occasion that you celebrate with a dinner, you want to make a beautiful table setting for them!
There is nothing more fun than coming together over a meal with a nice glass of drinks.
But which ingredients are indispensable for a stunning table setting?
Your customers walk into your store with this question in mind and hope to come out again with products that were the right answers.
Our wholesale offers all kinds of special handmade items for this purpose.
It starts with the choice of a tablecloth or just cover with placemats.
Beautiful plates and bowls are already on the table to show off before food is scooped up.
Our Portuguese earthenware service is a feast for the eyes, each pattern of the glaze is a little different.
That's because it is applied by hand, in a double dip.
Real professional jargon, but doesn't that sound good if you can tell that to your customers so they can tell it to their guests?
You can always contact our wholesale for any questions about the production method or materials, of all our products.
We are very knowledgeable about the collections we sell, as we have designed many of them ourselves, together with the craftsmen who make them for our wholesale.

Glasses from Morocco and India

Then the choice of a nice glass.
Or several, for water and wine.
We also have a sturdy small juice glass for the children in the same collections.
Everything and everyone is equally important, right?
Zenza has a wonderful collection of glasses from Morocco, where the traditional pattern has been processed on the glass in a modern way.
And the engraved glasses with beautiful gold edges are made in India.
Yet that all mixes fine, it is all gathered together in our Zenzational style and atmosphere.
The colours are neutral, so that many of your customers will appeal to this collection.


Trays in all shapes and sizes are indispensable, so you can serve like a pro.
They are sturdy and strong and have a handy edge, so that a spilled drop does not cause problems.
Keeping the trays clean is also very easy, they do not discolour.
Just use a damp cloth and everything is fresh again.
The aluminium they are made of is hammered by hand in Egypt.
Walking down the alley where our craftsmen are at work is like a drum band passing by!

Glass bowls

Our glass bowls are made in Turkey and there is also (partly) hand work.
The colored layers are painted on the back of the glass with a brush, after which a strong cover layer is applied over it.
This makes it easy to clean them, by hand, not in the dishwasher.
Because the inside has a smooth layer of glass, you can safely serve food in it.
But this beauty can also serve nicely as a fruit bowl.
The price / quality ratio is excellent, this is a bestseller  in our wholesale collection.

Marble bowls

Zenza is most proud of the timeless gorgeous marble dishes in our collection.
They are very multifunctional, we know from our own experience!
We use them in every room in the house for many very different purposes.
On a coffee table or side table, with a beautiful shell or stone in it, it can truly be a beautiful still-life .
But also on the dining table, as a small fruit bowl, this timeless Indian bowl will give you a lot of pleasure.
You can use it for a tasty mix of nuts and raisins, when it’s time for a nibble with a good glass of something.
They are absolutely food safe and easy to rinse off.
Yes appearance does matter and with such a beautiful bowl that will certainly succeed.
The dishes are cut from a larger piece of marble and polished until the shape is completely smooth and regular.
But still, if you let your hand gently slide over all the edges, you will feel that it does not come out of a machine, but still shows small irregularities of the manual work.
That is precisely why you can love such a product so much.
Timelessly beautiful, you will certainly enjoy it for a long time!
Welcome to Zenza!