Necklace - Beads Eye Small - Zwart / Wit - Zenza

Pros and cons

  • Handmade
  • Glass beads
  • Easy to combine with other jewellery
  • Under the influence of moisture, the beads can sometimes wear off slightly in colour.
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Product number1141
Minimum sold per2
MaterialGlazen Kralen
ColorBlack / White/Gold
StyleBlack / White
ModelBeads Eye Small
HS code70181019
Old Zenza productnameNecklace Beads Eye Small
Dimensions and weight
DimensionØ 74 cm
Also found under
All Jewellery
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The protective symbol of the eye means negativity at a distance, one says.

It has been a beautiful meaning and the inspiration for the design of this necklace.

Made from tiny beads sewn by hand on fabric, real craftsmanship of craftsmen in India.

This necklace provides you with a third eye and makes sure you are seen!


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