Pendant Lamp - Sunset - Mermaid - L - Muti - Zenza

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  • manual work
  • can be bought with or without pendulum
  • light weight
  • should be straightened at the beginning
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Delivery timeDelivery in 5 - 7 days
Product number1642
CategoryPendant Lamps
Color 2Goud
DimensionsØ 35 cm x 60 cm
Materialkatoen/lurex/ ijzer
Suitable for LEDcheck
Wire / Cordremove
Dimensions and weight
DimensionØ 35 cm x 60 cm
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You want this right away, don't you ?!

The atmosphere in your home becomes so beautiful, so atmospheric and so relaxed with this crochet lamp.

Great for brightening up a dull corner, to give a bare staircase atmosphere, or to give a bedroom a nice accent.

And of course you can also hang the lamp outside on a veranda or on your balcony.

If it is covered, that it’s safe.

Add large plants and you’ve got a true tropical haven!

You can also just hang it for decoration, without using lighting, everything is possible.

And then it is super nice if you hang two together, to enhance the effect.


The lamp is crocheted by hand in India, from cotton.

We had a very beautiful gold thread incorporated in it, to give a little extra dimension of depth to the matt cotton.

Together these materials are very beautiful in contrast.


If the lamp has just come out of its packaging, it may appear as if it was skewed.

You can solve that by just pulling a little on the crochet here and there, until it hangs straight.

Believe us, that will be all right, just give it time to stretch and form.


If you buy a pendant to actually use as a lamp, you can pull the cotton hanging cord through the ceiling rose with some skill.

Then the cotton cord hangs nicely next to the electrical wire.

Inside the ceiling cup, near the hole, there are small protrusions.

If you cut it off, the opening will be easier to use.

Now pull the electrical wire out of the ceiling cap, and first thread the cotton cord through the ceiling cap.

If necessary, tie a knot in the cotton cord at the correct height, just below the ceiling rose.

You can also tie a loop in the cord to hang the lamp from the ceiling.

Now also insert the electrical wire through the opening of the ceiling rose and connect the electricity.

And enjoy your beautiful lamp!


Atmospheric photos
Pendant Lamp - Sunset - Mermaid - L - Muti - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Sunset - Mermaid - L - Muti - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Sunset - Mermaid - L - Muti - Zenza