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Product number1542
Material100 % Sabra
ColorOff White
ModelSabra Square
ColorOff White
Dimensions50 x 50 cm
HS code50079010
Inclusief vullingremove
Material100 % Sabra
ModelSabra Square
Old Zenza productnameSabra Pillow OffWhite Square
Dimensions and weight
Dimension50 x 50 cm
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Sabra is the name of this “vegetable silk” from Morocco.

Aloe vera or agave cactus is used to produce these fibres and they are dyed with natural ingredients, an artisanal process.

The clean and abstract motives are from Berber origin, often symbolising fertility and protection.

They’re a pleasure to use at home because the pillows are super soft and wrinkle free.

Mix and match the different colors and sizes for a relaxed and playful effect!

* Please note, colors may differ due to the artisanal process.


Variants of Model Sabra vierkant

Pillow - Sabra - XL - Blush - Zenza
Delivery time 5 - 7 days
Pillow - Sabra - XL - Coffee - Zenza
Delivery time 5 - 7 days
Pillow - Sabra Oblong - Blue - Zenza
Delivery time 5 - 7 days
Pillow - Sabra Square - Blue - Zenza
Delivery time 5 - 7 days
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