CategorieTable Lamps
MateriaalMessing, verzilverd
StyleS - Ø 21 cm x 25 cm - Zilver
Cord length150 cm clear wire with power plug
Energy labelA++ - E
Old Zenza TitleTable Lamp Filigrain Small Nickel
Afmetingen en gewicht
AfmetingØ 21 cm x 25 cm
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On a table, in a corner on the floor, beside the bed, there is always a place for these beautiful table lamps with their amazing shadow patterns. You can easily move these lights around!

The patterns you see in the Zenza Lights are punctured by hand, without the use of any stencils. Therefor each lamp is unique. Please note that the filigrain pattern is always different.

A variety of contemporary designs will help you choose the perfect pendant for any space in your home.

If you want to see how our lamps are made and how much hand work is involved, you can have a look at this movie. It was the incredible craftsmanship that astonished us when we started working with the artisans in Egypt.

Handwork is disappearing in the fast world of today and we wanted to keep using the skills of the copper smiths. Our own Zenza factory in Cairo provides a safe work space where we can maintain our high quality standards.

Through micro-finance projects we also have helped several craftsmen to set up their own work shop, so they could grow along with Zenza. Working in a sustainable and ethical way with the focus on authenticity is what truly makes a difference in the end.