Throw - Clouds - Turqoise - Zenza

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  • Soft cotton
  • Handy size and decorative for the sofa
  • Each blanket has a unique pattern
  • Dry clean only
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Delivery timeDelivery in 5 - 7 days
Product number1230
Dimensions130 x 180 - extra 12 cm for fringes
HS code52081190
Old Zenza productnameThrow Clouds Sky
Webshop - korting40
Dimensions and weight
Dimension130 x 180 - extra 12 cm for fringes
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Snuggle away under a comfortable throw, a wonderful start to an evening relaxing at home!
This throw is made with love, by hand.

Givers you a comfortable feeling and is very soft to the skin.

Moreover, it is a beautiful decoration to lay nonchalantly on your sofa for that extra casual-chic accent in your home.


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Throw - Clouds - Turqoise - Zenza
Throw - Clouds - Turqoise - Zenza

Landing page home textiles

Nothing makes it easier to create a grand effect than decorating your home with a few nice pillows, a blanket on the couch or a great rug.
It is precisely the softness and texture of textile that makes it such an indispensable element to create a pleasant atmosphere.
It provides better acoustics, a more comfortable feel and adds colour where you need it.
And it is also the fastest and easiest way to give your home a different look, by using new covers for the cushions, or using a different rug per season.
It is precisely that variation that you can make, while the basic pieces remain in place, that is the wonderful thing about styling with home textiles.
These items are especially indispensable for a home accessories store, which is why Zenza wholesale is the right place to make a nice choice!

Pillow covers

The covers are very varied, we have them in all shapes, styles and sizes, from different countries, but always made of beautiful natural materials.
In the collection you will find Moroccan cactus silk pillows, Tibetan fur pillows, silk velvet pillows from Vietnam, embroidered pillows from India and many more!

Throws and blankets

The blankets are hand-woven in Morocco, from pure cotton with wool pompoms.
And for the real Zenza touch, a thread of silver or gold is woven into it, which gives that little bit extra liveliness.
Soft to the skin, made in many wonderful colours.
There is also a big size bedcover.

Rugs and carpets

We regularly have beautiful antique/vintage Berber carpets in the collection for the floor.
They are irresistible!
Beautiful colours, designs and made of high-quality wool.
Often there is hardly any wear, even though they have been used for years.
So there is plenty to choose from in our wholesale collections of home textiles!

How do you describe Zenza's style and taste?

Words such as ethnic chic, Ibiza style and bohemian are often used.
But what are words?
You just have to see and feel our atmosphere and then it clicks!
Welcome to Zenza!