Pendant Lamp - Lai - Filigrain - L - Goud - Zenza

Pros and cons
  • Provides beautiful light
  • Timeless vintage style
  • Handcrafted Cons
  • Requires careful placement of the glass

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Product number1791
CategoryPendant Lamps
Dimensions60 x 35 cm
HS code94052091
Lamp socketE 27
MaterialMessing en glas
Maximum wattage60w
Number of light sources1
Old Zenza productnameEgg Filigrain Gold L
Suitable for LEDcheck
Webshop - korting60
Wire / Cord120 cm clear wire with matching cable and ceiling cap
Dimensions and weight
Width35 cm
Height60 cm
Diameter35 cm
Dimension35 x 60 cm ( B x H)
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This lamp is a timeless classic! The design pays homage to sturdy old ship lamps, with an aesthetic that has stood the test of time. It's a captivating addition above a dining table, with two or three easily arranged depending on the table's length. Even as a solitary lamp, delicately suspended above a side table, its beauty comes to life.

The interplay of rugged robustness and refined elegance, achieved through the combination of copper and glass, transforms this lamp into a true focal point. The sophisticated upper part is meticulously crafted with beautiful patterns by skilled artisans, while the glass is unique, handcrafted, and equipped with a sturdy rim that seamlessly fits inside the shade.

These lamps are sourced from a workshop in Egypt, where most of them exhibit distinctive imperfections. For this reason, we offer them at the price of a bargain.

A handy tip for hanging the lamp: start by attaching the copper part to the ceiling and connecting it to the power supply. Then, carefully open the wide rim on one side using the hinge. Slide the carefully crafted glass into the top and close the wide rim again. This method minimizes the risk of breakage, ensuring a quick and secure hanging process.


Atmospheric photos
Pendant Lamp - Lai - Filigrain - L - Goud - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Lai - Filigrain - L - Goud - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Lai - Filigrain - L - Goud - Zenza
Pendant Lamp - Lai - Filigrain - L - Goud - Zenza