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Zenza has chosen a few countries to work with and is focussing on a particular style that characterizes those regions.
The atmosphere, style, traditions and crafts that are most dear to Zenza can be found along the old Silk Road.
From India, via Egypt to Morocco.
Handicraft is central, it gives so much "soul" to an object.
The craftsmen we work with for our wholesale collections, receive a fair salary and work under safe conditions.
Our designs are often based on existing old crafts, but also refined in a more modern way.
We want to make products that build on traditions, but that are translated to the interiors and needs of today.
Our furniture collection is a good example of this.
The wooden furniture, such as the cabinets, coffee tables and mirrors, is made in India.
The processing of our wooden furniture is done by hand, just as it was done centuries ago.
A sharp chisel, a hammer and many years of knowledge and skill from the craftsman make each item unique.
How we admire this!
We have often modernized the patterns and shapes ourselves, but they have their origins in times long gone.
The wood we use is from the mango tree.
A sustainable choice, because mango trees are always replanted to harvest mangoes for the first 20 years.
After that, the logs are used as timber.
At the other end of the Silk Road, in Morocco, is the workshop where our tile tables, also known as zelige tables, are made.
This is also a craft that has been around for centuries and in which our craftsmen are masters.
Small geometric shapes are carved from the best glazed and hand-formed tiles.
Then these are laid, joined and finished into a beautiful mosaic.
The mosaic coffee tables can optionally be made to order.
Our wholesale collection as we now offer consists of the most sold and most popular items.