Table Lamp - Globall - Filisky - M - Zilver - Zenza

Pros and cons
  • Jede Lampe ist einzigartig, kleine Unterschiede sind möglich.
  • No maintenance required.
  • Preservation of craftsmanship.
  • Each lamp is unique, allowing for small differences.

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Product number1817
CategoryTable Lamps
DimensionsØ 30 cm x 30 cm
HS code94052091
Lamp socketE27
MaterialIron, silver plated
Maximum wattage60W
Number of light sources1
Old Zenza productnameTable Lamp Ball Filisky Medium Silver
Suitable for LEDcheck
Wire / Cord150 cm clear wire with switch and power plug
Dimensions and weight
Length/depth30 cm
Width30 cm
Height30 cm
Diameter30 cm
Dimension30 x 30 x 30 cm ( L x B x H)
Packaging dimensions
Length36 cm
Width36 cm
Height36 cm
Weight2,5 kg
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What a beautifully enchanting effect this lamp creates when you turn on the light! Enjoy the intimate atmosphere and the refined shadow pattern on the walls and ceiling. Each of the hundreds of small holes is meticulously drilled by hand into the lamp, making every lamp UNIQUE, with patterns full of character. If you want to know how our lamps are made and where all the beautiful Zenza products come from, check out our video. The lamp production process is carried out by a team of craftsmen, each specialized in a specific part of the manufacturing process.

The first step involves crafting a wooden mold for the shape by hand—chopping, planing, and extensive sanding for a smooth design. Next, an iron plate is shaped around this wooden mold. This gives rise to the lamp's form, transferred from our sketches to a wooden mold and ultimately into a metal form. Each lamp consists of two or more parts, which are then welded together and polished at the weld seam. In the case of patterns, lines are drawn on the lamp with a sharp chisel. It may seem improvised, almost without a plan, but nothing could be further from the truth. Our craftsmen have so much experience in this work that each line seamlessly connects to the previous one, creating an elegant abstract pattern. Subsequently, hundreds of holes are drilled within those lines to allow sufficient light to shine through.

The iron is first immersed in a red copper bath, then in a nickel bath, and finally in a silver bath to achieve the beautiful silver color. This triple-bath process ensures excellent coverage of the iron. Finally, a transparent protective layer is added before the lamp is well-packaged and ready for its final destination—with you! Although the craftsmanship is traditional, the designs are contemporary and suitable for modern interiors.

Zenza manufactures its lamps in Egypt, despite the common misconception that they are Moroccan lamps. While Eastern lamps share similarities, each country has its own technique and development. Since 1993, Zenza has been producing these pendant lamps, ceiling lamps, table lamps, and wall lamps, leaving a distinctive mark on Egyptian lamps. In this way, we have made a lasting contribution to the history of Oriental lamps.


Atmospheric photos
Table Lamp - Globall - Filisky - M - Zilver - Zenza
Table Lamp - Globall - Filisky - M - Zilver - Zenza
Table Lamp - Globall - Filisky - M - Zilver - Zenza