Wax Holder - Hand Single - Silver - Zenza

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CategorieWax Holders
MateriaalMessing, verzilverd
ModelHand Single
Aantal kaarsen1
Old Zenza TitleWaxholder Hand Single Nickel
Afmetingen en gewicht
Afmeting11 x 8,5 x 5 cm high
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Is there something more beautiful to start with than to light the candles for a pleasant evening?

There is plenty of choice and the combination of different shapes and sizes of candleholders reinforces the effect, especially on a beautiful tray.

This waxine holder is made of brass.

The beautiful patterns are hand-punctured to perfection. If you pinch your eyes a little, all those little bright spots are like a starry sky. Isn’t that the start of a beautiful evening?

The patterns you see in the waxholders are punctured by hand, without the use of any stencils. Therefor each one is unique. Please note that the filigrain pattern is always different.