Pillow - Raw Silk - Square Zen - Natural - Zenza

Pros and cons
  • Luxurious and elegant
  • Natural and breathable
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Hand wash at 30°C

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Product number1770
StyleRaw Silk
Dimensions50 x 50 cm
HS code5002
Inclusief vullingremove
MaterialRaw Silk
ModelRaw Silk - Square Zen
Old Zenza productnamePillow raw silk oblong Zen
USA onlyremove
Webshop - korting50
Dimensions and weight
Length/depth50 cm
Width50 cm
Dimension50 x 50 cm ( L x B)
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The luxurious Zenza cushions, handwoven with love in the authentic workshops of India, embody the splendor of traditional craftsmanship and natural beauty. Each thread tells a tale of dedication and skill, with patterns as vibrant as the traditional culture from which they originate. The raw texture of the silk adds a tactile dimension to these Zenza cushions, making them not only visually appealing but also a sensual delight to touch. They are more than just decor; these cushions bring a piece of enchanting Indian heritage directly into your living space.


Atmospheric photos
Pillow - Raw Silk - Square Zen - Natural - Zenza
Pillow - Raw Silk - Square Zen - Natural - Zenza
Pillow - Raw Silk - Square Zen - Natural - Zenza